Hi, my name is Penny and I am a teacher of high school students with exceptionalities.

I work for Brooke County Schools, West Virginia.
I am currently working at the high school, but have previous work experience providing services to pre-school children with special needs. I am a graduate from West Liberty University and West Virginia University. I currently attend Western Kentucky University.
I am married to Brian and I have two children named Morgan and Corey. I also have two step-daughters named Angie and Jessica. I am kept busy with two Cocker Spaniels who sometimes drive me crazy, but they keep me company when I need a cuddle companion. I love to garden and my interests and hobbies are primitive decorating. My favorite place to vacation is in New England.

On the rocks in New England with all the kids

Welcome to my Blog. I hope you enjoy the journey to Egypt. Make sure you are dressed appropriately and visit all the pages (shown on the top of the page) and join in with all the activities.

Pictured here are my own children from over 10 years ago, embarking on a fun days trip to New England. They were dressed for the day in the appropriate clothing. Above, click on the word CLOTHING so that you too can be better prepared for the day while visiting Egypt.

My current topic of discussion is Egypt and their pyramids. I hope you will enjoy this journey.
Special Note to Teachers:
I have direct links to other various web quests. I also have information with links to the food and recipes of the Egyptians. Finally, I have direct links to other Egyptian resources including tours and Egypt’s history. I hope you enjoy this information.

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